Future Frontiers Partners with ASG.Stream with Visionary Talks

2 min readMay 19, 2023


The Conference and Festival Continues to Make Waves (in the Future)

“The Bitcoin Revolution” talk by Jeffrey Tucker, Now Streaming @ ASG.Stream.

In 2012, Seth Blaustein and Max Borders were getting drunk together in Austin, TX.

Seth was a filmmaker. Max was a writer. Each tipped back their drinks and lamented the lack of culture in support of human freedom and flourishing. Max had been trying to find someone to partner with on a TED for anti-authoritarians, something that would push the envelope a bit more. Seth had been thinking of something along similar lines, which would allow him to use his gifts as a director, shooter, and editor.

After the hangover, Future Frontiers [formerly Voice & Exit] was born.

Their mantra? Criticize by Creating.

20 Visionary Talks Exclusively On ASG.Stream

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Now streaming talks from Joe Quirk, Michael Malice, Ryan Holiday, Dave Asprey, Dale Brown, and more

The Advocates for Self-Government (ASG.Stream) is excited to announce that we have acquired exclusive rights to the Future Frontiers video collection, which we’ll be rolling out over the next twelve months.

Later, Borders and Blaustein changed the name of this conference/festival to Future Frontiers. But the experience was always multifaceted, visual, and compelling. In fact, one attendee said, “If TED and Burning Man had a baby, it would be Voice & Exit.”

Future Frontiers had a way of seeing into the future. Today, the talks still inspire what founder Max Borders calls “subversive innovation,” that is technologies or practices that work against unjust authority.

Executive Director, Justin Arman, had this to say about the partnership, “I attended the very first event that Max and Seth hosted in Austin, and I was deeply inspired. This annual festival became something I’d organize my schedule around as it would inspire my optimism for the future of humanity. It was so important to my family, that my son even volunteered to work an event when he was just a teenager. I’m so happy to be able to share these talks with the world on our platform. We’re launching with 20 talks, and ASG.Stream plans to add more throughout the summer.”

In that spirit, ASG.Stream is delighted to share these inspiring visionaries, including the way they think. We want viewers to take a cue from them…

And criticize by creating.




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