ASG.Stream’s Official Launch at Anthem Film Festival

2 min readAug 1, 2023

The Advocates for Self-Government sponsored the Anthem Film Festival at FreedomFest to launch its new streaming platform, ASG.Stream.

Jo Ann Skousen, the visionary behind Anthem, shared how our sponsorship allowed her to create the theater experience she’s always wanted. She explains how up until this point, Anthem was hosted “in a ‘theater’ in a hotel conference area. The seats were close together, and the audience could not see the bottom of the screen, which was small and low to the ground.”

In short, Anthem did the best it could without the resources of the larger festivals. This year, all of that changed. Anthem got its theater and Jo Ann’s vision was realized!

As a result of ASG.Stream’s contributions to the film festival, Jo Ann shared that “the theater looked like a theater. The black curtains created the impression of a theatrical stage, and the large screen could be seen from the back of the room. The professional speakers showcased the soundtracks, and the professional projectionists kept everything running smoothly.”

Mike Sertic, our organization’s president, delivered an opening address at the film festival to a packed audience. He introduced ASG.Stream after the festival featured our promotional trailer about the platform. This was a special moment for both our organization and the Anthem Film Festival because it represented a mutual leveling-up.

Jo Ann reflects: “I had chills when we ran the trailer reel for ASG Stream and I saw film after film that had appeared or even premiered at my festival.”

Several 2023 Anthem films will be added to our platform soon. Sign up here to join ASG.Stream. It’s free!

Our team was all present at the FreedomFest banquet when Jo Ann recognized us for our contributions. It really made the launch of our streaming platform special.

Our launch goals were all realized and we’re incredibly grateful to the attendees, filmmakers, and partner organizations that helped us achieve — what is, indeed — a rebirth of our decades old nonprofit.

But, that’s not all…

The Advocates also produced two films that were shown at Anthem Film Festival:

  • Paul Guay’s The Vampyre
  • Patrick Reasonover’s An Alien Proposal.

The Vampyre won the “Best Comedy” award in the Short Narrative category.

Yours truly,

Justin Arman, Exec Director




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